Monday, December 1, 2008

Nudity Gets the Point Across ... At Any Age!

Dear Santa Fe Filmmakers and Film Fans,

This is Angela Soper, co-producer/co-writer of Courthouse Girls of Farmland, a documentary about my mother and her bridge club friends and our fight to save a historic courthouse in rural Indiana. The film screens Friday at 11 am in the DeVargas 2 and again Sunday at 3:30--but come Friday so you can vote for us if you like the film!

This is one of those projects that just happened--events started to unfurl at a rapid clip, emotions got heated and we decided there was a story to be told so we started telling it. It all boils down to conflicting views about whether an old building was worth saving and whether it was "proper" for seven old women to appear as if they were naked (all private parts tastefully covered up) in a calendar to protest the building's proposed demolition.

These women are absolute delights and stood their ground in the face of some pretty fierce opposition. They also demonstrate that getting old does not have to be a boring situation to face. I hope you'll attend the film--I promise you'll laugh and leave the theater inspired to make a difference about a cause that is important to you.

See you in Santa Fe! Angela Soper

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