Monday, December 1, 2008

~ Between The Folds @ SFFF 08 ~

Award-winning documentary "Between The Folds"
will screen in two engagements at the 9th Annual Santa Fe Film Festival on Saturday, December 6th, at 10AM and Sunday, December 7th, at 3PM in Tipton Hall at the College of Santa Fe. The film will play alongside 2008 documentary "Don't Know, We'll See" by filmmaker Lucy Massie Phenix, about the work and life of sculptor Karen Karnes.

World-renowned physicist and artist, Dr. Robert J. Lang, one of the film's featured subjects, will be at both screenings, along with the film's director, Vanessa Gould. They'll take questions from the audience and Dr. Lang will perform a live post-show folding demonstration!

"Between The Folds" uncovers the stories of 10 fine artists, intrepid mathematicians and theoretical scientists who have abandoned careers and scoffed at hard-earned graduate degrees - all to forge unconventional lives as modern-day paperfolders. As these eccentric characters converge on the unlikely medium of origami, they reinvent an ancient art, and demonstrate the innumerable ways that creativity and ingenuity come to bear as they struggle to understand and honor the world around them.

The film paints an arresting portrait of the mysterious artistic and scientific threads that bind these exceptional minds, bringing forth a fascinating mix of sensibilities towards art, expressiveness, interpretation, and meaning.

Grand Prize, Audience Award for Documentary, Rhode Island International Film Festival
Winner, Audience Award, New Hampshire Film Festival
Professional Competition Selection, Savannah Film Festival
The Hamptons International Film Festival (online documentary selection)
Temecula Film Festival
Santa Fe Film Festival

Those featured have been profiled in The New Yorker, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, TIME Magazine, The LA Times, The Guardian UK, Smithsonian, Wired, WGBH, WNYC, and CBS, and they include notable scientists Dr. Erik Demaine of MIT, a recent MacArthur "Genius" Award recipient, and former NASA physicist Dr. Robert J. Lang; as well as internationally renowned artists Michael LaFosse, Eric Joisel, Paul Jackson, Chris Palmer and Vincent Floderer.

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We look forward to meeting everyone soon in Santa Fe!

Warm regards,

Vanessa Gould and the Green Fuse Films Team

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