Tuesday, December 2, 2008

"The Sounds of The Underground" is a powerful documentary that exposes the unpredictable lives of subway performers in the grittiness of New York City’s underground- Grasping the essence of what it takes to be a subway musician and the psychological reality of performing on such a demanding and sometimes cruel stage.

This film takes you into the busking world where beauty is not what you see but only in what you hear and ultimately, finding out what it takes to pursue the artistic dream in the bowels of our beloved New York City.

Hello Santa Fe,

Congrats filmmakers on being part of this great festival. Aside from enjoying a diverse selection of films with other filmmakers, we are excited to be screening our documentary film which is scheduled to play on Friday at 3:15pm at the NM Film Museum along with a group of other great shorts:


We hope to meet most of you- either at our film, your film, or at the bar!

-Bryant Botero

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